ConMan Content Management System

MedicMind has produced a Content Management System called ConMan. The aim of this product is easy and powerful management of the website along with many features aimed at the scientific community.
ConMan makes it possible to structure the web pages hierachically, set read and write access to each individual page using a special login-system and to insert dynamically generated content (news, publication lists, user lists, calendars and others) easily on the pages using a unique Microsoft Word-like editor. ConMan has an extendable module system with many different modules made already (some of them mentioned above).
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Custom made web-sites

We produce custom made web-sites for various companies and organizations. We master every step of creating an advanced web site, but we could also help you produce a part of a Web production.
  • Graphical design.
  • Database drive solutions.
  • Server side scripting.
  • Java-Scripts.

Custom made Excel macros

If your projects needs a custom made analysis tool or a macro for importing your data into a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, we might be able to help you. Contacts us about:
  • Analysis tools.
  • Interface implementation for existing analysis programs.
  • Macro programming.


MedicMind can help you make the right decisions about implementations of IT-Solutions. We can also help you educate the employees of a company or a research group. Our services include:
  • Evaluation of the benefit of Web exposure.
  • Courses/workshops on:
    • HTML.
    • Server side scripting.
    • Macro programming in scientific projects.
  • Installation of Software Solutions.